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This is Whiff Candle Company. Our goal is simple:  craft candles with complex and divine scents, using the best ingredients, inside vessels you can recycle, and are encased in exquisite packaging.  Our captivating scents are inspired by our love of nature, our travels and adventures, and our most treasured memories. 

We like to keep things simple around here.  To that end, we only use 3 things to make our candles - 100% soy wax produced from soy beans grown right here in the USA, lead-free cotton wicks, and perfume oils infused with essential oils.  While our candles are not free, they are free of paraffin and phthalates. 


Quality and craftsmanship are important to us and it is our belief it really is all about the details.  All of our candles are wicked, poured and labeled by hand in our small studio located in Smyrna, Georgia.  The graphics for each scent are hand-picked to give each scent it's very own personality.  Both our travel tins and our glass jars are wholly recyclable and at the same time, perfect for upcycling.  

We are proud of what we create and at the same time we are honored and humbled you continue to invite us into your most sacred spaces.  



Growing up my Mom was always burning a candle or a stick of incense, yes, incense, and there was always a glorious scent wafting through our house.  She had knowingly, I assume, created a beautiful environment for her family to grow, create, laugh, fight and love.  As I embarked on my own journey into the world I too found myself filling my spaces with delightful scents.  Being on my own was a little scary at first, but having the scent of a favorite candle drifting through the air brought a sense of home to my little apartment. 


About a decade ago, I found myself in a new city, not knowing anyone (except my husband) and a lot of time on my hands; so, I decided to teach myself the art of candle making.  I experimented (and still do) with different waxes and fragrances to find, what I believe to be, the recipe for a luxurious candle that will absolutely fill your space with the most sumptuous aromas.    

Scent is the most powerful of our five senses.  Our sense of smell is directly connected to the parts of our brain that play a major role in controlling behavior, emotion, memory and mood. ​For me, a particular smell can instantly transport me back in time to a treasured memory, a fun adventure, a wondrous land or remind me of a particular person.  A scent can also set your imagination free to dream of your next great adventure, love or stroke of luck.  

Let my candles help take an everyday environment and make it extraordinary, where you feel the freedom to linger and thrive, to reminisce on life's moments, to laugh and to cry, to dream and to be mindful of new experiences as you write your life's story.

​​​Enjoy life, take chances and embrace adventure.

Jennifer Hays


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