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Like walking into a luxury resort, this sophisticated scent is clean and fancy.  It offers exclusivity, indulgence, and a sense of belonging to a privileged few.  This intricate dance of scent notes is the ultimate in attention to detail.  Just like the luxury resort, this scent elevates the mundane to the extraordinary.


Scent Notes: White Tea – Aloe – Lily – Vanilla


White Tea Resort

Expected to Ship May 1, 2024

    11-ounces  |  Burn Time:  60+ hours

    Bring a modern sophistication to any room.  With the contemporary feel of a rocks glass, this quintessential vessel is the perfect accessory to any decor.  Don't forget to recycle this gorgeous glass and give it a new life after the candle has completely burned.    



    4-ounces  |  Burn Time: 18+ hours

    Grace and elegance on the go.  This refined tin with a snug fitting lid is an instant classic.  Ideal for your home or easily fits into a purse, pocket or suitcase and is ready for any adventure.


    Carefully crafted to be environmentally friendly, Whiff Candle Company hand pours each highly scented candle using an all natural soy wax and cotton wicks.

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